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Differences between hose clamp and Hold hoop
Differences between hose clamp and Hold hoop Sep 19, 2023

Hose clamps and hold hoops belong to fasteners, and both names are collective terms, which is the similarity between hose clamps and hold hoops. The hose clamp is used to connect soft and hard pipes, and the hold hoop is used to fix the support, which is their difference. The hold hoop is used for fixed support, and it is divided into cross-arm hoop, U-shaped hoop, semi-circular hoop, flat iron hoop, and cable hoop. Different types have different functions. The cable hoop is composed of two semicircles with a thickness of 5mm. By tightening two screws, it is fixed on the utility pole, so as to pull the utility pole to keep the force-bearing surface consistent and stabilize the utility pole from falling down. The U-shaped hoop is used with the cross arm, and is fixed on the utility pole to play the role of stringing. Different types of hoops have different purposes.

Hose clamps are often used to connect soft and hard pipes. The types are divided into British, American, European, German, steel wire, strong and other types. For example, choose strong hose clamps for sewage hoses, choose American construction machinery for automobiles and motorcycles, choose European style, thick-walled hoses choose steel wires . The fastening force of each type of hose clamp is different, and it can be installed at the desired position as required.

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